Helpful Guys in Blue Pay It Forward in Victorville

Photo Credit: SoCal Honda Helpful. Helpful Guys in Blue surprise Victorville residents at Sunset Ridge Park, the local Fire Station, Costco and Walmart stores

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)–…When’s the last time you were helped by a stranger? Perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to have been helped by The Guys in Blue, the Southern CaliforniaDealers’ Helpful Teams who have been paying it forward in a variety of unexpected ways for local residents — no strings attached. They have been lending a hand to local residents every month for the last 5 years, encouraging smiles by simply asking the eternal question: What do you need help with?

Since 2007, the Guys in Blue have been out in SoCal communities giving out water on hot days and picking up trash at local parks; sending out the Blue tanker truck to pump and pay for Honda drivers’ gas and building bikes during the holidays for less fortunate children.   To date, the Honda Helpful teams have visited over 8,000 locations to surprise local residents in unexpectedly helpful ways.

Demonstrating how a little helping hand can go a long way these days, The Helpful teams will be continuing their commitment to the greater Victorville community for another exciting year. To kick start 2012, the Guys in Blue recently visited the local Fire Department to show their support with complimentary helpful blue Snuggies, greeted attendees and handed out vanilla chapstick and hand sanitizer at the 22nd Annual High Desert Bridal Show at SBC Fairgrounds, visited Sunset Ridge Park to pick up trash and provide complimentary water during soccer tournaments, and visited a variety of grocery stores and shopping centers to carry groceries and packages, put away shopping carts, open doors, pick up trash and hand out complimentary water to residents.

Residents can follow the team on Facebook & twitter to find out where they’ll be helping out next.   What else is Helpful? In 2011, the Helpful Campaign distributed more than 10,000 bottles of water, handed out 4,500 reusable bottles during Earth Month, kept hands clean with 5,000 packets of handiwipes and lips soft with thousands of sticks of lip balm, and gave out 3,000 Helpful blue snuggies to keep residents warm.  The Guys in Blue also surprised hundreds of drivers in over 35 cities across SoCal with FREE TANKS OF GAS over the holidays.

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