Strong Cities, Strong State: Lancaster and Hesperia Profiles Join the Campaign

By Staff Reports

(Hesperia)–A desert community located at the top of the Cajon Pass, Hesperia has become known not only for affordable housing but also for the pleasant desert climate, beautiful scenery, stunning sunsets and clean air. Just minutes from the Cajon Pass, Hesperia provides hometown essence with a minimal commute time to the nearby Ontario, San Bernardino and Riverside areas. Emerging as a leading business-friendly community in California, Hesperia continues to take steps to provide an attractive experience to both commercial and industrial companies. The City of Hesperia has recently completed a review of the development process and began implementing revised procedures to make the often times complex development process easier to navigate. The business appeal of Hesperia will only increase once the one mile industrial rail lead track alongside hundreds of available properties is completed this spring. Success stories include:

  • High Desert Gateway Center: For many years, resident surveys consistently showed an untapped market in retail and restaurants in Hesperia. Through a partnership with Lewis Retail and the City of Hesperia, residents can now visit over 340,000 square feet of new retail space at the High Desert Gateway Center.
  • Citizen Outreach: With a City Council dedicated to citizen outreach and participative government, Hesperia has launched a number of new programs to connect residents with City Hall
  • Ranchero Road Underpass: Planning for the long term circulation of motorists in a community nestled along foothills and bisected by a major interstate rail line and California aqueduct are challenges that the City of Hesperia is facing head-on.

Read more, see photos, and connect with Hesperia here.

Next up: Head up the road an hour north of Los Angeles, and you’ll feel the difference in yourself just as you see it in the landscape: wide open spaces and incredibly blue skies invite you take a deep breath of clean air. You’ve arrived in Lancaster, California. Here the important aspects of life come into focus and the good life remains within your reach. In Lancaster, home ownership is achievable; business opportunities are nearly limitless and there is plenty of room for kids to spread their wings and let their imagination soar. Whether you explore the remarkable galleries, shops and restaurants of The BLVD, our downtown arts and entertainment district, or discover the pristine beauty of our scenic desert trails, you’ll find it easy to leave your cares behind in this friendly, family-oriented community with a pace and style all its own. Success stories include:

  • Alternative Energy: With its endless supply of sunshine and ample room for growth in Southern California’s High Desert region, Lancaster is the ideal location for alternative energy ventures.
  • Business-Friendly Lancaster: With more than 350 days of sunshine each year, ample room to grow, and an outstanding labor pool located just an hour north of downtown Los Angeles, Lancaster is the ideal place for your business.
  • Health & Wellness Initiatives: As ongoing medical research examines the devastating impacts of obesity and poor nutrition on our society, the City of Lancaster has taken an aggressive, proactive role in combating disease and promoting wellness in our community.

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