Breaking News:Mitzelfelt Vows To Stop Illegal Sex Club From Opening

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)–The office of First District Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt was notified by a constituent over the weekend about an effort to turn a single-family home in a residential area of Oak Hills into an active sex club.

County Code Enforcement and top county staff were immediately notified and began efforts to make sure the illegal business is not allowed to open. The County’s Code Enforcement Division has opened an investigation and, despite the disingenuous and dishonest claims by the club’s operators, it appears this operation clearly would be a business, which is prohibited in residential areas.

To be clear, the County has not granted any business license or approval of any sort and is actively working to make sure the club does not open. The group did not apply for a business license or seek any land use approvals from the County.

“I will spare no effort to make sure this clearly illegal, inappropriate and frankly disgusting operation is not allowed to open,” Supervisor Mitzelfelt said. “Oak Hills is a great family-oriented community where they treasure and defend their rural lifestyle and traditional values. This is an outrageous intrusion into a residential neighborhood where children and families expect to enjoy their lives free from this kind of vile incursion, literally next door to their homes.”

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