County Launches Discount Card Program For Prescriptions

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)- – San Bernardino County today announced the launch of a free program that will give residents significant discounts on prescriptions and certain medical supplies.

During a press conference today at the County Government Center, First District Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt and Fifth District Supervisor Josie Gonzales joined a representative of Financial Marketing Concepts to announce the beginning of the Coast2Coast Rx Discount Card program, which is available free to all residents and honored at most drug stores nationwide.

“After learning about a similar program offered through the National Association of Counties, I asked county staff to look into such programs,” Supervisor Mitzelfelt said. “This simple, easy-to-use and easy-to-get card is available to all residents, but will especially benefit those without insurance, or those who have high deductible insurance plans or Health Savings Accounts.”

The Coast2Coast Rx Discount Card provides an average discount of 55 percent and can be up to 75 percent on some prescriptions. It also can be used for certain dental, hearing, vision and diabetes supplies, and even some pet prescriptions. There are no membership fees or enrollment requirements. Residents can obtain cards at participating pharmacies, from county libraries, county health facilities and many government offices, or they can print out a card from the website

“I appreciate Vice-Chairman Mitzelfelt bringing this idea to the county. This program will make health care more affordable for those who are uninsured or otherwise struggling,” said County Chief Executive Officer Greg Devereaux.

Even for those with good insurance plans, the card may save money because in certain cases a co-pay or deductible might be higher than the retail cost minus the discount with the card. It can also be used if a particular medication is not covered by an insurance plan. The same applies if a family’s vision or dental benefits are exhausted for the year.

Approximately 25 percent of San Bernardino County residents do not have health insurance and one in six residents reported they delayed or did not get attention when they had medical problems. Nationally, up to 25 percent of patients who do get a prescription don’t have it filled because of cost. Those factors increase costs down the road because those patients may require more expensive care later.

“This program helps people in need maintain their health, which itself is a good thing, and it ultimately saves taxpayer money as well,” Supervisor Mitzelfelt said.

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