Get Healthy: Tips From a Personal Trainer

Dustin Bogle

By Dustin Bogle

Special to High Desert Daily

(Victor Valley)–​Most nine-to-fivers are familiar with the routine of starting the day strong followed by an energy crash around noon.

This problem is a common side effect among people with poor diet, lack of sleep or a sedentary lifestyle.

Create a diet centered on high fiber foods to increase energy. Slow digesting carbohydrates will release a steady amount of energy as opposed to simple carbs which offer short term energy followed by a crash.

Examples of fiber rich foods include oatmeal, 100% whole wheat bread, brown rice or cereal that contains whole grains.

Avoid simple sugars that are found in processed foods such as soda, white bread and candy bars.

Nuts are a good idea for a midday snack since they contain magnesium, a mineral that helps to convert sugar into energy.

Studies show that low levels of magnesium can drain your energy levels.

A good night’s rest plays a vital role in daily energy.

Studies show that many people who are falling short of the recommended eight hours of sleep are doing so by choice.

DVR the late night shows and turn off the iPad at a decent time.. The bright light from a computer or TV screen can stimulate the brain into being more awake and delaying sleep.

Create a nighttime routine that allows you to unwind without mental stimulation from the TV or other electronic devices such as taking a bath, reading a book or meditation.

Also, a melatonin supplement could help to improve sleeping patterns since the body produces less melatonin as it ages.

Another way to boost energy is by getting blood flow to the brain. Walk during your lunch break, stretch often and check your posture if you are sitting for an extended period.

Being mindful of posture will force you to activate core muscles to maintain a straight spine. Getting 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day may not be enough to counteract 8 hours of sitting followed by additional sitting in front of the TV and dinner table.

Get active at home after work if you have a sedentary job and engage in 30 – 45 minutes of intense exercise to get the maximum calorie burn from your workout.

Dustin Bogle is Personal Trainer in the High Desert

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