Mojave Water Agency Board Meets To Prepare For Next Year’s Budget

By Nikki Metzger

(Apple Valley) – The Mojave Water Agency is on track and making progress on goals set by the Board in 2002, said General Manager Kirby Brill during a mid-year status report presented to to the current Board of Directors as they prepare for the 2012-2013 budget process.

Brill noted that the Agency’s efforts, projects, and investments were made possible by the agency’s “financial engine” (Goal #1) and that they would not have been able to make the achievements without the financial resources to do so. Among the financial achievements were:

  • Receipt of $8 million in Prop 84 grant
  • Refined development of sound fiscal model and forecasting tools for better planning and risk assessment
  • Implemented new financial system, including new budget tracking report and system access for staff
  • Moved into new Headquarters, placing all personnel under one roof
  • Implemented new rate setting policy
  • Updated Purchasing Policy
  • Updated Personnel Policy and Procedures to include 2nd tier benefits for new hires
  • Increased participation in SWC Audit-Finance and IAA Committees for better planning and risk assessment
  • Continued to receive “clean” audits for federal grant funds and state grant funds
  • Maintained AA rating, despite tough economic times
  • Continued with monthly cash flow (24 month view) updates for almost “real time” disclosure of fiscal health
  • Proceeded through greatest period for exposure to financial risk without needing to utilize Line of Credit and maintained reserve levels above those required in the Reserve Fund Policy

The six strategic goals set forth by the board ten years ago have guided the Agency as it fulfills its mission, including:

  • Develop sound fiscal and organizational policies that allow the Agency to be effective, innovative  and responsive.
  • Manage water resources through or in conjunction with the State Water Project to meet future demands while maintaining independence during periods of water shortages.
  • Coordinate efforts to maintain adequate water quality so that groundwater is safe for drinking and other beneficial uses.
  • Develop public awareness so that individuals and stakeholder organizations support our efforts and understand their role in contributing to the Agency’s mission.
  • Advance scientific understanding of the region’s water resources to support efficient management of water resources.
  • Promote efficient use of the region’s water resources through regional conservation programs.

The full presentation given by the General Manager Is available on the MWA website:  Click on “Meetings and Agendas” for the February 9 board meeting.

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