Tips From a Professional Personal Trainer: Get out of your comfort zone

By Dustin Bogle

Special to High Desert Daily

(Victor Valley)– Dedicated exercisers have a set routine they like to stick to. Depending on the day of the week, they have a certain set of machines lined up that takes them through the same dreaded workout. One of the oldest and most effective tricks in the book is to shock your body with new stimulants.

A typical cardio routine for someone might be to set the speed on the treadmill and drift off into dream land until they hit the 30 minute mark. This is the most ineffective way to burn calories. Your body needs to be brought out of its comfort zone to recruit new muscle fibers and rev up your metabolic functions.

Try interval training which involves walking at a moderate speed, about 3.0 mph, then mixing in a high intensity sprint every 30-60 seconds, about a 5.5 mph. Alternating between moderate and high intensity intervals will give you a bigger calorie burn in the same 30 minute workout.

People who enjoy weight lifting often have certain exercises they repeat each week with no change in repetitions, cadence or weight. The important thing about resistance training is to constantly shock the muscles.

For example, instead of the popular bench press, try pushups or cable flys. Also, performing the same exercise can be effective if a new training method is incorporated. Try lifting the weight at a super slow speed or double the amount of repetitions typically performed for the exercise.

A new routine is the best way to spice up your exercise regimen. Make an appointment with a fitness trainer to learn some new exercises or find a new cardio routine on YouTube. Try a class such as Zumba, R.I.P.P.E.D or Cardio Kickboxing at your gym. Try a new form of cardio in the great outdoors such as roller-blading, hiking or mountain biking. Engage in “sneaky exercise” by playing sports such as basketball or football with friends and family.

You will be having fun and won’t realize that you burned off a ton of calories while staying away from the pantry. Constantly challenging your body in a different way is the key to avoiding plateaus.

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