Video Game Review: Asura’s Wrath

Developer: CyberConnect2

Publisher: Capcom

Release Date: February 21st, 2012

Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3,

Genre: Action

Rating: T for Teen

By Nolan Patrick Smith

(Victor Valley)–Mythologies play a huge role in world, with an emphasis on the entertainment industry. Gods and goddesses, monsters and mythical creatures, the hero who takes an unforgettable journey: these are all elements seeing in today’s entertainment genre. From movies and books, to comics and video games, the reoccurring mythological elements are what help bring audiences to a project. Elements from myths are abound in Asura’s Wrath, a game that transcends video games and has a feel all its own.

Story: The game centers around Asura, one of eight Guardian General demigods who protect the Earth, mainly from the evil forces known as the Gohma. Of course, things cannot stay complacent, so Asura is betrayed by Deus, the leader of the Guardian Generals, and cast out to the Earth to perish. Asura’s daughter, a powerful priestess named Mithra, is taken by Deus and used to power the demigod generals to new heights. Asura is left a broken man who remembers nothing of his past, but once he does he uses his powers to fight against not only the demigods who he once considered family, but also against the dangerous Gohma on Earth.

With a title like Asura’s Wrath, you can tell the energy and retribution this game holds. A modern day myth with elements from Asian mythologies mixed with worlds of science fiction, this game excels in the narrative that guides Asura down the path of vengeance. The demigods he fights emit power, literally. The scope of the villains in the game is nothing short of breathtaking, as you go against monstrous gorillas and elephants, large golden warriors, and enemies that are larger than the planet itself.

Design/Art: The design of this game is what drew me to it to begin with. The character designs, the stages, and the load screens: they are all reminiscent of a high quality anime. The power bursts Asura lets out at times causes him to sprout extra arms, much like the multi-armed gods of Hindu belief. Seeing design elements like this make the game feel unlike anything you have seen before, just as the gameplay does.

Gameplay: Gameplay is a hot button issue for this game, and for good reason. Yes, the actual playtime is cut down in favor of cut scenes and narrative, but I believe by doing this the game creates an experience that meshes interactivity with some great visual storytelling. Gameplay differs from the classic action theme of running at opponents and beating them up to a targeted shooter, and of course it includes the quick time mini games made famous by the God of War series. Once you get in to this title, you will be immersed in the world and all its’ surroundings.

Sound: For me, this is where the major drawback comes from. Now, yes, the music is amazing, and the voice cast assembled for this tale is a plethora of talent. My issue comes with the varying levels of volume for various characters. Most notably is Deus, whose voice volume is way too low and often drowned out by the music. I feel some more time in mastering the sound levels would have benefited this game tremendously.

Overall: I have been waiting on this title for over a year. I got to experience it firsthand at E3 last year, and have waited patiently ever since. In my opinion, the game delivers an epic experience and a feast for the eyes. The world, the characters, they are aspects I know I would like to revisit over and over again. With some fine-tuning in the sound department, this game could have been a perfect franchise launch: nevertheless, if you are looking for a totally different video game experience, then I highly recommend Asura’s Wrath. A great game, I give Asura’s Wrath a 9 out of 10.

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