CHP & Local Sheriff To Target Distracted Drivers In The Victor Valley

By Staff Reports

(Victorville) – As part of this month’s Distracted Driving Awareness Month Campaign, the Victorville Area California Highway Patrol and the police departments of Apple Valley, Victorville, Adelanto and Hesperia will be conducting a “zero tolerance” enforcement day on April 18th. The primary focus will be those motorist texting or using hand-held cell phones. Drivers who break the law and place themselves and others in danger will be cited. The current minimum ticket cost is $159, with subsequent tickets costing at least $279.

Distracted driving is a serious traffic safety concern that puts everyone on the road at risk. As a result, law enforcement agencies across the state, including those in the High Desert are increasingly cracking down on cell phone use and texting while driving. Over 200 local law enforcement agencies plus 103 CHP Offices will be conducting “zero tolerance” enforcement days throughout the state during the month of April.

“Distracted driving is a very serious traffic safety issue,” said Captain Todd Sturges of the Victorville Area CHP. “Is that phone call or text really worth risking your life or jeopardizing the safety of others?”

He added, “Besides the obvious safety risks, a citation will inevitably end up costing you hard-earned money.”

In recent years, hundreds of people have been killed in California and thousands have been injured as a result of collisions involving distracted drivers. This distraction can be any activity that diverts the driver’s attention away from the primary task of driving. According to a study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University, the act of talking on a cell phone can reduce more than 35 percent of the brain activity needed for driving.

“Turn off your phone and put it out of reach as you get into the car,” said Christopher J. Murphy, Director of the California Office of Traffic Safety. “Think before you call or text someone. If there is a chance they may be driving, let it wait. It’s not worth it.”

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