Eat Junk Food To Lose Weight

By Dustin Bogle

Special to High Desert Daily

(Victor Valley)–Burgers, pizza and sweet treats can be part of your weight loss diet. When experiencing a strong craving, its best give in. This will help you to avoid eating your healthy meal or snack plus the junk food that you desire. However, the key is to make your own version of these foods at home to reduce calorie content. Many healthy recipes can be found on web sites such as, and

Hamburgers with beef, cheese, mayonnaise and bacon contain high amounts of fat and calories. Healthy burgers can be made with lean beef or ground turkey. Use low calorie condiments such as mustard or organic ketchup and add plenty of vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes and pickles. Also, a low calorie whole wheat bun will help you to avoid the refined white flour found in most hamburger buns.

It’s easy to consume a large amount of calories when eating pizza since it contains refined white flour, cheese and fatty meats such as such as sausage and pepperoni. A homemade pizza can be ready in as little as 20 minutes. A whole wheat crust can be made with whole wheat flour, garlic powder, olive oil and water. Add low-fat cheese and marinara sauce. Top with vegetables such as olives, mushrooms, spinach and peppers or make a Hawaiian-style pizza with chicken and pineapple.

Fighting sweet tooth cravings can be the most difficult. Avoid prepackaged treats at all cost since they will contain high fructose corn syrup, food coloring and other chemicals. Bake cookies or cakes at home with whole food ingredients such as whole wheat flour, egg whites, stevia and low fat butter. Frozen yogurt is a healthier choice when compared to ice cream since it’s lower in calories and has more nutrients. Lastly, fruit is a natural way to curb sugar cravings. Have a piece of fruit between meals to keep blood sugar stable while fighting off hunger pangs.

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