Business Profile: Virtual Tours West

Location: Victorville, CA
Owner/Operator: Cliff Bandringa
Phone: 760-821-9102
Date Established: January 2010
Number local employees: 1


By Nolan Patrick Smith

(Victor Valley)–Technology has become a linchpin to success these days: everyone is looking on how to utilize new technologies to improve their lives and the livelihood of their businesses. If you have land, properties, or facilities to sell or show to potential customers, then Virtual Tours West is a technological tool you need.

“It’s about taking advantage of using a new tool that people can put on their website, so people can see what they are trying to sell.” Virtual Tours West Founder and longtime High Desert resident Cliff Bandringa said about the tours he offers. Bandringa spoke on the nature of virtual tours, “Virtual Tours West is a business concept I had a few years ago that I am trying to bring to life. Virtual tours are basically a tool that people can use to show customers or potential customers what something looks like without that potential customer having to go there. Virtual tours are real popular in the real estate business and have been for the past ten years, but nobody is really using them to show off other facilities like schools, or hotels, or even a place like cruising on Highway 66 from Victorville to Barstow to see what’s all in between, to a whole region like the Victor Valley in pointing out where things are located and what to expect when you get there.”

The tours are actually videos composed of pictures, maps, sound, and more. “I like to call it a virtual video tour. They’re typically used as YouTube videos, but I can output it as any type of a video, from a Flash object, to something for a cell phone to a DVD. It’s all about the old cliché that a picture is worth a thousand words: I’m showing a lot of pictures so maybe it’s ten thousand words.”

Clients who have made use of Bandringa’s virtual tours includes Print Mart in Victorville, The Bradco Companies, and Boulder Creek Ranch to name a few. The tours have proven successful according to case studies with both Bradco and Boulder Creek. Gail Hasty of Boulder Creek Ranch in Hesperia had this to say in a case study on the effectiveness of the virtual tour, “We experienced an increase in wedding bookings after the virtual tours were added because it is so easy now for people to actually see the facility. ”

The Bradco Companies President Joe Brady also spoke of the tours in high regard in a case study after trying a virtual tour for his business; “Soon I realized that I was spending less time showing properties and more time working with customers who already had a good feel for the property that they were interested in. That dynamic didn’t exist the previous year.”

For more information on virtual tours, and to experience one for yourself, visit Virtual Tours West online at

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