VVC Board Of Trustees Now Streaming Live

By Nikki Garrett Metzger

Managing Editor

(Victorville) – The Victor Valley College Board of Trustees have made their meetings more accessible to the students and the public by offering the meetings live via webcast to your computer or mobile device.

The April meeting was the first meeting that was streamed live over the internet seven months after the Board agreed to the process after quite a bit of debate among the board members.

During Tuesday’s meeting the board was voting to approve the second reading of the updated recording policy on streaming video of every meeting and the availability of archived videos soon after the events. Board member Joe Brady asked why it was only limited to 30 days. Board President Joe Range read the policy that the board established previously that stated the recordings would be made available for 30 days.  He further explained that it was policy and it could be changed if the board agreed. A motion was made to extend the time to 90 days, but that motion failed. So the original policy was passed with the recordings available for 30 days.

Brady asked that this issue be placed on the Board of Trustees May agenda and that staff check with the company that set up the recording equipment to see how long the recordings could be made available online.

Brady later said, “It dawned on me when I got home that night, when I was kind of reflecting on the meeting, that this is web based streaming. And it should be available forever.”

He continued, “I did not realize, and I was somewhat unclear, why there was a 30 day policy until we had the discussion. And I felt that the discussion was healthy, but at the end of the day I think the taxpayer wants to be able to see what they want for as long as they want to because they are paying for it. And I don’t think that they taxpayers want to pay for an asset like the camera system and then be told 90 days later that they can’t see it.”

The representative for the company that installed the camera and recording equipment, Ed Burrell account manager for Granicus, explained, “Recordings can be kept on the website indefinitely. It is all based upon the client but there’s no limit.”

“There really is no standard in the industry for the length of time to keep recordings,” Burrell continued. “I would just say that a majority of the people we work with probably have no time limit. Although I’ve heard a lot of folks have maybe a year where they keep certain archives. After that they just keep it in their own deep storage. Since we have indefinite retention the client is really not obligated to go through and figure out what they need to keep or save.”

Burrell explained that the recordings are stored locally on the server at the college, which is the actual equipment that Granicus provides. It is also backed up and stored at their data center online through their website for public access.

Burrell said there has been an increase in organizations looking into their recording services. “There is a demand for the transparency. It seems that anyone who is doing agendas and minutes is looking to do something like this. So a lot of courts are now doing that, special districts like water or power, and school districts, especially now that school districts are getting a lot of requests for records.”

The next meeting will be on May 8th starting at 6pm.  To view the webcast visit: http://www.vvc.edu/offices/president/webcast.shtml and click on “view video”. You can also view the recording of the April meeting there.

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