5 Fun New Fitness Classes

By Dustin Bogle

(Victor Valley)–Surfset Fitness offers a full body workout on an indoor surfboard. The surf board is set atop special disks that mimic the waves of the ocean. This instability forces your core to be constantly challenged. The workout includes exercises such as squat and lunges to tone the legs and cardio intervals (including jumping on and off the board) to burn calories.

Piloxing is a sweat pouring workout that combines the best moves of boxing with standing pilates. The boxing element is strictly shadow boxing so you won’t be gearing up with gloves or pounding on a bag but the fast paced moves such as jabs and uppercuts will keep your body moving. The class ends with five minutes of floor exercises that targets the abs and butt.

Antigravity Yoga combines aerial acrobatics with yoga to offer a fun yet challenging workout. The antigravity element involves a strong fabric suspended from the ceiling that can support up to 1,000 pounds. The suspended hammock allows you to go deeper into yoga poses without putting strain on your spine. For example, you can lean back into a Mountain pose while the hammock supports you from the upper back.

The Pound Rockout Workout utilizes two weighted drumsticks, Ripstix, to offer a unique, high energy workout. This class keeps you moving by combining traditional exercises (such as a lunge) with an additional movement (drumming the sticks on the floor) to optimize the amount of calorie burned. Releasing your inner rock star is all part of the fun as you perform rhythmic exercises in a squat, standing position and lying prone on your belly.

Boxing circuit training is a Rocky-style workout that involves jumping rope, working a heavy bag, sprint drills and more cardio exercises that real boxers use to train for a fight. Combining these high intensity cardio drills with traditional body weight exercises such as pushups, pull-ups and sit-ups is a sure way to tone the entire body while blasting off the fat.

Dustin Bogle is Personal Trainer in the High Desert

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