Desert Valley Hospital Holds Heart Center Dedication

Dr. Prem Reddy addressed the crowd at the dedication ceremony.

By Nolan Patrick Smith

High Desert Daily

(Victorville) On an unusually gusty Wednesday, community members, leaders, elected officials and more all came together for the dedication of a milestone for the High Desert. May 23rd marked the day of the Heart Center Dedication at Desert Valley Hospital.

Superintendent for the Victor Elementary School District Dr. Dale Marsden spoke to High Desert Daily moments before the event kicked off.  “I think it’s literally groundbreaking for this community to have a state of the art heart facility in our own backyard. It just talks about the need for this community to have health services here locally: a lot of folks always talk about driving down the hill or going other places where they offer the best services. Well, now we have those services here in our own backyard. That’s the visionary leadership of Dr. Prem Reddy. Margaret Peterson, CEO of the group here, has done a fabulous job laying the groundwork in making an effort to have a relationship with this community, not just providing a building, but a relationship where we can come and have our healthcare needs met and people having the services we need here locally.”

Desert Valley CEO Margaret R. Peterson, PhD spoke to the capacity crowd about the uniqueness of it all, “If you take a look historically how hospitals are built, they are built every 40, 50 to 100 years, so it’s very unusual for a community to have hospitals built as often as they have been in this community. So I think it’s a real blessing because we are all witness to a historic event that doesn’t come around very often.” Peterson went on to thank her tremendous staff, which are vital to this becoming a reality.

Superintendent for the Victor Elementary School District Dr. Dale Marsden

The event brought together some of the biggest names in the High Desert, as elected officials, representatives, and other political figures all made their way to the dedication ceremony. It was an event that one had to see to believe, as the buffet featured some delectable dishes, and Harpist Tom Gilmore performed the National Anthem.  A truly unique tribute to the High Desert hospital as it continues to grow. Dr. Prem Reddy was on hand as well, with his family beside him, and spoke of how he created this from the ground up, so we should never give up on our dreams.

San Bernardino County Superintendent of School’s Marcelino “Chico” Garza spoke highly of the event as well, noting the need in our community; “There has been no more need than right now as the desert is growing in the health needs right now for the community. To see Desert Valley leading the way, doing what it is doing right now in its growth, it’s a tremendous benefit to this community what Dr. Prem Reddy and Desert Valley are doing right now. The benefits are going to be great, the needs are great here, and it’s just so awesome to see that he can pull this thing off.”

Dr. Victor Sabo, Chief of Desert Valley Medical Staff

Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Edward R. Dean of Dean’s Consulting Service made note of the large banner above the podium, which proclaimed Desert Valley’s 6th time on the Thomson Reuters Top 100 Hospitals. “When someone wins an award for the sixth time, that’s admirable. That’s how you know they have done something great in the community.”

Dr. Margaret R. Peterson, PH.D- CEO of Desert Valley Hospital

The 50,000 square foot expansion includes 53-medical and surgical beds, a 12-bed intensive and coronary care unit, 2 cardiac catheterization laboratories, 2 operating rooms, an open-heart surgery suite, 12-pre-post procedure cath lab beds, 4 pre-op surgery beds, chapel, and 2 spacious lobbies and waiting areas. The new expansion will serve the growing need in the High Desert, as well as prepare it for the needs in the future.

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The Desert Valley Cake.

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