Graphic Novel Review: I’m Not A Plastic Bag

Writer: Rachel Hope Allison

Artist: Rachel Hope Allison

Publisher: Archaia Entertainment


By Nolan Smith

(Victor Valley)–Our environment is precious, and yet we seem to constantly ignore it. We litter, we pollute, and we think to ourselves: it’s ok; one piece of trash isn’t going to make a difference. But one piece from all of us equals enough to make a negative impact to the world around us. Archaia’s I’m Not a Plastic Bag brings the issues right to the forefront of the comic industry.

Story: This graphic novel focuses on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a floating island of trash in the Northern Pacific Ocean. The book is created in conjunction with American Forest and Global Relief, and is produced in partnership with JeffCorwinConnect. Wildlife expert and television host Jeff Corwin even wrote the foreword for this eye-opening book. Also, for every tree used to print this book, Archaia will plant two more. So, how does a book about a floating island of trash turn out in the end?

In this case, to put it simply, the book is amazing. The entire book is absent of all dialogue, letting the stark imagery tell the story instead. Rachel Hope Allison creates a piece of work that makes this floating island take on a character of its own. The book is broken into various chapters, but the message is always the same: this is what happens when we stop caring about our world, our environment.

Art: Allison provides the artwork for the book as well, as she creates a truly memorable entry in to the graphic novel genre.  The splash pages that take over two pages are thoroughly impressive, as the book pulls you in to a phenomenon that is all too real.

Overall: Being a book that is environmentally conscious and a good read is not an easy feat by any means. I will admit, I was a little hesitant when I first heard about this book; I am glad I gave it a shot, because this book speaks volumes without a single word balloon in it. Archaia and the JeffCorwinConnect have something to be extremely proud of here, and I feel that everyone should read this to see what is really going on in the Northern Pacific Ocean. Highly Recommended, I give I’m Not a Plastic Bag a perfect ***** out of 5.

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