St. Mary Medical Center Becomes St. Joseph Health, St. Mary

Photos By Nikki Metzger

By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley) – St. Mary Medical Center is undergoing a name change – it will now be known as St. Joseph Health, St. Mary.

For the past 20 years, St. Mary has been a part of the St. Joseph Health System. The health care environment is constantly changing and a greater alignment among sister hospitals and the health system will allow St. Mary to provide the highest quality and efficient care possible to the community while maintaining its St. Mary legacy of compassionate care, according to a press release.

“Each hospital has undergone a name change that better reflects its participation in St. Joseph Health while still maintaining the name it is best known by in the community,” said Emily Abbott, Marketing and Communication Manager with the hospital. “St. Joseph Health with St. Mary leaders are positioning ourselves to provide high quality and affordable healthcare to our communities in the new environment of healthcare reform.”

“This includes creating networks of care that allow us to better share the resources we already have and to work with other like-minded organizations to extend our role from acute care hospitals to caring for whole populations in community based care,” Abbott explained.

St. Joseph Health began its transformation to networks of care several years ago when it committed to embracing both an illness and wellness model – not just hospitals for treating the ill or injured, but a more integrated continuum of services for the community. The challenge now is to let the people and partners in the communities know of the changes and ways the organization is extending its mission. They are doing this by telling the story of this transformation through a new identity.

St. Joseph Health has now become a $4.2 billion, 14-hospital system offering health care services that are among the best in the nation, while caring for patients and families in three states. Collectively, the organization has 3,753 licensed beds, 19,672 employees, 6,600 physicians and cares for more than 138,000 inpatients and 3.5 million outpatients annually.

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