A&E’s New Show “Barter Kings” Featuring Hesperia Locals Premieres Tonight

By Nikki Garrett Metzger

(Hesperia)- – Two Hesperia residents who started with an interesting, maybe even old fashioned idea, and turned it into a successful business will embark on a new adventure tonight as they hopefully become television stars with their new show “Barter Kings” on A&E.

This “real life series” features the thriving subculture of cashless trading, following Steve McHugh and Antonio Palazzola, a skilled pair of entrepreneurs and two of the best barterers in the business as they trade up from low value items to items worth thousands more, all without spending a dime.

In the pilot episode the guys trade up from a laptop to a monster truck, and trade gold records up to a speed boat. “The first show is probably the coolest one for me. I traded for a speed boat for my family to ride around at my in-laws house, and I actually brought it to them as a huge surprise after I traded for it the same day,” McHugh said.

The show is funny, fast paced, and as a resident of the High Desert you will recognize many of the locations that the guys visit.  It is kind of exciting to recognize your hometown on TV.

Both McHugh and Palazzola continue to tape material for the show. “At first you are conscious of everything that is going on, and what you are going to say next,” McHugh said. “But after weeks of 12 hour days, you become numb to it and it is just part of your daily life. You actually start looking forward to it”

Palazzola added, “It becomes your first life, not your second life. It’s enjoyable, but it is definitely hard work. It becomes second nature to you.”

He continued, “I hope everybody loves the show, I hope we get a lot of viewers. It’s a great concept, a great show, and we’re looking forward to it.”

“We’d love to see the High Desert benefit from it, a little publicity, a little ‘on the air’ type of recognition for the cities and towns we go to and some of the local businesses that helped us out,” said McHugh “Hopefully it will be a great thing for the whole community.”

A&E’s “Barter Kings” premieres tonight at 9PM ET/PT with back-to-back episodes. Visit www.aetv.com for more information.

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