Breaking News:15 Freeway Closed Near Stateline for Hazmat Cleanup

Photo Courtesy of CalTrans

By Nikki Garrett Metzger

(Stateline) – It is going to be a difficult drive to Vegas today because of lane closures on the 15 freeway near Stateline. Right now, the southbound lanes of the 15 at Stateline are completely closed for those traveling out of Nevada.  Northbound only the left lane is closed just north of Yates Well Road, but in that area there are only two lanes, so this has traffic slowed to a crawl.

Around 6:25 this morning a tanker truck carrying 4100 gallons of ferric chloride collided with a car and overturned on the 15 northbound, according to Office Adam Croxton of the California Highway Patrol. No one was injured, but the truck ended up in the center median and the ferric chloride leaked into the drainage ditch. “This is a very mild hazmat situation. Ferric chloride is a watered down solvent, but it is corrosive.”

Croxton said that crews are going to try to keep the right lane open on the 15 freeway north as much as possible, but there could be intermittent closures of both lanes for cleanup throughout the day.  They are also trying to open up one lane on the southbound side as soon as possible.

At last check, the 15 north was backed up to at least Bailey Road, but Croxton said that will get worse as the day goes on.  The detour for southbound traffic: take the 95 out of Las Vegas through Boulder City, into Searchlight, then take Nipton Rd, back to 15.

1 comment for “Breaking News:15 Freeway Closed Near Stateline for Hazmat Cleanup

  1. Mike Rothschld
    June 25, 2012 at 10:52 am

    Jean and I were there comming back from Las Vegas and stopped for breakfast at state line. Accident happened while there eating. Every hotel at state line and 10 miles down the road sold out in 30 min. We went back into city because the delay.

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