How Can Your Business Card Stand Out from the Crowd? Make It Memorable

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)–You hear about how important networking is, especially in today’s business world.  One important aspect to networking is your business card.  How can you make your business card stand out among the sea of cards that colleagues and clients collect every day?

Brent Peterson of Interview Angel, Inc. provides these 10 features of a memorable business card:

1. Your Picture

It is very easy to upload a profile picture into a business card.  Use an online service, and use your professional photo that is used on your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Remember – photos need to be updated regularly.

2. Your Website

If you are just starting out and don’t yet have a website, lock in a website domain and add it to your card even before you go live.  That way it will already be on your card and when people go back to your card or recommend you to others, the site is already there.

3. Your Social Networks

If you are a job seeker, LinkedIn is a must. If you are in business, add Facebook and Twitter to your card.

4. Traditional Contact Info

Make sure people can get in touch with you the old fashioned way.  Best recommendations are to include a mailing address, direct phone number, fax number, and email address.

5. Your Logo

Most businesses have a distinct logo.  If you do, use it.  If you don’t have one for your startup, make it happen. An idea: use an art student at the local college to design your logo.

6. Your Tagline

Make your personal branding statement stick.  It is going to be more memorable than your name.

7. Use Color

Black font on white (or off-white) business cards get lost in a stack.  The extra printing costs for color fonts and logos are worth it.

8. Print on Both Sides

Never leave a blank side to a business card. Consider that most cards get turned around in people’s pockets, and then end up in a stack of cards with the back side facing. Additional note: Keep all contact information on one side of the card even if you print on both sides. For instance, avoid having your name and company name on one side and the phone number on the other.

9. Allow for White Space

It is critical to leave space on at least one side of a business card for someone else to write a quick note about you.  For example, keep a note of where you met someone on their card.

10. Avoid a Glossy Finish

Glossy business cards look good, but they are near impossible to write on with a pen.  Go with a matte finish every time.

One more important feature that will become commonplace on business cards in the near future: Quick Response (QR) codes.

Flash your smart phone over someone’s QR code and you can quickly exchange contact information, make a social networking connection, or play an informational video about a person or company.

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