California Budget Presented But The Wrangling Is Far From Over

By Staff Reports

(Victorville)–Though the Legislature passed the budget Friday, and celebrated, Gov. Jerry Brown and leading Democrats still have issues before they can seal the final deal. It’s like claiming victory at half-time. There are still many trigger cuts that will be imposed if voters in November reject the tax hike proposals. Legislators say their goal is to act on about 20 bills needed to implement the budget in the coming days, perhaps as soon as this Thursday.

Brown is reportedly sitting on the main budget bill until he sees the other so-called “trailer” bills. Then he can take his blue pencil and make deeper cuts, if necessary. Brown has until June 27 to make up his mind on the budget and line-item spending vetoes. The $92 billion general fund portion of the budget, now before Brown, reflects an increase over the current year level of $86.5 billion.

But the proposed general fund is inflated by potential new tax revenues that may not materialize. Looking toward the onslaught of trailer bills, Assembly Republican Leader Connie Conway of Tulare says, “The worst is still before us in the coming days.”

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