Helping Our Community: High Desert Daily Donates $3,000 worth in advertising to The Lord’s Table Charity in Victorville.

Founder of The Lord’s Table, Dolores Zuniga Oversees

By Staff Reports

(Victorville)-High Desert Daily, the new source for positive information in the Victor Valley, announced today that the have decided to donate $3,000 in advertising space to local charity The Lord’s Table. “This organization represents so much of the good being done in the Victor Valley,” said High Desert Daily Editor & Founder Miguel Gonzalez.

“I have personally volunteered at The Lord’s Table and I have to say that I have felt my own spirit strengthen by helping my fellow human beings.”

The Lord’s Table has grown from a weekly meal to a five-day-a-week feeding program helping hundreds of individuals and families. The charity help provide food for needy families and homeless individuals living in the Victor Valley.

On average, The Lord’s Table serves about 250-300 people daily. The organization relies on donor donations and public service programs to stay alive.

As anyone who has met Director Dolores Zuniga knows, she has sacrificed much to provide for the physical needs of Victor Valley residents over the last fifteen years. “There are many families with children,” Zuniga explains. “They lost jobs, lost their homes, and have nowhere to eat, so they come here.” She is humble but takes a healthy pride in the way The Lord’s Table has come together. “We are from all different churches, managers from the mall, workers from Target, but we work united.” And the work is never done, according to Zuniga. “We never turn people down. We help those who have trouble. We don’t expect them to tell us everything or tell us their story. We treat them with dignity. We give them very good food.”

Gonzalez said he did not think twice about donating advertising dollars. “We are positive thinking site, we owe ourselves to the community and we hope to continue helping more wonderful local organizations such as The Lord’s Table.”

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