Leadership Victor Valley Produces 16 Up-And-Coming Leaders

By Staff Reports

(Victorville)–The Leadership Victor Valley Class of 2012 graduated this past June 18 after participating in over 40 hours of educational classes. These students had taken an interest in the Victor Valley and decided to educate themselves on the inner workings of their community. Their classes ranged from Media & Public Relations to Law Enforcement and the Criminal Justice System. We salute these future leaders and encourage them to stay involved in their surrounding communities.

Congratulations to:

Raj Behal – Daily Press

Tanya Benitez – Victor Elementary School District
Melanie Blackwell – San Joaquin Valley College
Jennifer Britzman – ISU Insurance Services – ARMAC Agency
Reggie Buchanan – Victor Elementary School District
Adriana Chavez – ICR Staffing Staffing Services, Inc.
Lori Clark – Victor Elementary School District
Jenele Davidson – City of Victorville
Reako Davis – Greater Hope Foundation
Tina Hubbard – Victor Elementary School District
Cory Kale – Victor Elementary School District
Monica Line – Desert Community Bank
Liz McDonnell – Victor Elementary School District
Bob Ness – United Methodist Church
Tezra Rogers – Cimarron Escrow, Inc.
Amy Stanton – ICR Staffing Staffing Services, Inc.
Ashley Voss – ICR Staffing Services, Inc.

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