Live Music Is Better! Soul Pattern Project

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)–Independently produced and distributed So Cal recording artist Maggie Vee & Soul Pattern Project will play live in the Victor Valley after returning from three Pacific Northwest tours including Seattle, Renton and Port Townsend, WA. “It’s exciting to be back and to get to play at home,” says Vee of the Soul Pattern Project and resident of Apple Valley, “We play D’vine Wine & Jazz in

Victorville one more time before leaving for a Rocky Mountain Summer tour. We will be playing music from our Soul Injection CD here at home and we are very excited to be able to share it. This music is very close to my heart and has an extraordinary narrative that goes along with the performance that I am moved to share with the audience when we play live.” Vee invites anyone who loves music and a great story to come and listen, “Out in the world our music is considered Adult Alternative, I just call it Indie-alt-folk most of the time, since it has such a tonal mix of blues, jazz and country. We are already back to the studio recording the next CD which is so different, being able to continue sharing the “Soul Injection” music is a great gift.”

Half of the Soul Pattern Project duo accompanying Vee live is the CD’s producer Nathan Paul who besides being a recording engineer, touring-musician and lead guitarist for the band Soulkry, spent time producing acts in Nashville. Vee states, “Nathan makes the sounds of the CD come alive, and that makes it exciting to play.”  To see Maggie, Nathan, and Soul Pattern Project live, go to: D’vine Wine & Jazz, Victorville June 15,

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