Pro Wrestling Brings The Excitement To The San Bernardino County Fair

By Nolan Patrick Smith

High Desert Daily

(Victorville) The squared circle came alive this past Friday as the stars from Big Time Wrestling made their debut at the San Bernardino Fairgrounds in Victorville. The crowd was pumped, the wrestlers were ready, and the night was ready to explode.

High Desert residents were treated to a massive night, with quite the card on hand for Big Time’s High Desert Slam. From single competition, to tag matches, the line up didn’t not disappoint: the women’s match, with its fast paced action from two very talented young ladies, showed that women can wrestle on the same pace, if not faster, than their male counterparts.

WWE Hall of Famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan fought in the main event against another former WWE superstar, Daivari. Duggan, who has been entertaining crowds since the 1980’s, brought the crowd to its feet with his trademark “USA” chants as he waved old glory proudly. Yet, the fans after the show made it clear who stole the show.

Joseph Viveros of Victorville took a minute after the main event to voice his opinion of the event. Sitting in the front row, Joseph had one of the best seats to the outdoor slugfest, enjoying every minute of it. When asked what his favorite part of the show was, his answer was simply: “The Franchise Shane Douglas.”

This answer was the same given by everyone who was surveyed by High Desert Daily following the event. Steven Bruckner of Huntington Beach, CA, was in the front row as well, with his son by his side. “My son is a huge fan, he loves the WWE, and these are some of the old time wrestlers I watched growing up. It was exciting the entire time, watching them up close.” When asked about his favorite match, his answer mirrored many of the fans. “Shane Douglas, he’s an old time wrestler, he did an awesome promo, got the crowd in to it.”

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas is a name wrestling fans know very well. The pro wrestler has been in the business for three decades, holding the NWA World Heavyweight Title and famously known for being the ECW World Heavyweight Champion. His in-the-ring talents along with his golden microphone skills have made him a favorite, and in Victorville it was no different. He bantered with the crowd as the villain of the match, he beat up his opponent from the inside of the ring to the ringside seats, and showed why he is one of the top performers in his profession.

“Anytime Big Time Wrestling can come to a place like California with such a great wrestling market, such a great wrestling heritage and tradition, it seems like a match made in heaven,” Douglas told High Desert Daily regarding the Victorville event. “California is a prime place for Big Time Wrestling.”

Look for an upcoming spotlight on Shane Douglas, speaking with the pro wrestler about the wrestling business and his advice to those looking to break into the business, in the near future here at High Desert Daily. For more information on Big Time Wrestling, feel free to visit them online at For more information on upcoming events at the San Bernardino Fairgrounds, you can visit their website at

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