Tips To Keep Your Home Protected While You’re On Vacation

By Nikki Garrett Metzger

(Victor Valley)–Summer time – the pace is relaxed, kids are out of school, and you and the family may be ready to go on your summer vacation!  You’ve been looking forward to this since spring break.  Before you leave, take the time to protect your home while you’re away. July and August are popular vacation months, and not surprisingly, they’re also the months when home burglaries peak.

Use this simple checklist to secure your home before you head out on your adventures so you can free your mind of worry and relax and enjoy your time away:

  • Tell a trusted neighbor you’ll be gone and leave an extra key with them just in case of an emergency.
  • Never broadcast your location on Facebook or Twitter. Even if you think that it’s only your friends or colleagues viewing your online profiles, it’s safest not to leave any sort of opening for a possible burglar.
  • Set a programmable thermostat to lower your air conditioning usage.
  • Lock all doors and windows. It might seem obvious, but double-check just to be sure.
  • Don’t leave spare keys outdoors. Collect any hidden spare keys from around the exterior of your home. Remember, burglars know the most popular hiding places, like beneath mats and in potted plants.
  • Lock up garage. Even if there is no entrance to your house from the garage, there’s still a chance for numerous things to be stolen. Secure the door and any entrances to the garage
  • Check the outside of your house before you leave and trim large bushes or overgrown brush to make sure there is nowhere for intruders to hide around your house.

Don’t let your home and everything you’ve worked so hard for become a target for burglary or disaster. You can prepare, relax and get away from it all…and then return to your home sweet home.

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