VESD Spellers BEEcome Winners

By Staff Reports

(Victorville)–It was a neck-in-neck contest at last Wednesday’s Adult Spelling Bee, as the contestants came close to spelling all the chosen words correctly. However, the team from VESD pulled off the win by correctly spelling ochlocracy (d. government by the mob; mob rule). There were a lot of the nine teams frantically buying their maximum of ten “Free Words” to stay in the game. That competitive spirit helped make this Foundation fundraising event a success. The Adult Spelling Bee contributes to the scholarships the Foundation gives to deserving High Desert Students.

VESD First Place “Victor El” Winning Team pictured: Sharon Williams, Dale Marsden, Ed.D., Gabe Stine, and Lynn Cole. Second Place went to the “Eagle One” team from Excelsior Charter Schools with the Daily Press “Spel-Chix” losing the hard fought battle and placing third.

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