VV Community Hospital Receives Excellence Award

By Staff Reports

(Victorville) – Victor Valley Community Hospital (VVCH) has been awarded the Environmental Excellence Award from Sterilmed Inc., a Minnesota-based health care cost containment company and leading reprocessor of single-use medical devices. Sterilmed honors top facilities and systems throughout the country, and VVCH has been recognized as a Best Practice facility for its superior accomplishments in reducing environmental impact and improving overall health care sustainability through medical device recycling.

Reprocessing and recycling medical devices have become essential components of sustainability programs in the health care community. Reprocessing is proven to not only decrease the magnitude of waste sent to landfills, but also reduce the cost of providing safe and effective medical devices to patients. VVCH is acknowledged as a leader in the health care community for their dedication to environmental excellence.

We are delighted to distinguish Victor Valley Community Hospital with an Environmental Excellence Award and congratulate them for their commitment to both financial sustainability and medical waste reduction in the community. Victor Valley Community Hospital is steadfast in its reprocessing program and should be proud of the strides they’ve made in protecting the environment,” said Mike Gustafson, Worldwide President of Sterilmed.

The project began in 2008 when Jonathan Castillo, Director of Materials Management, approached the Products Committee with the opportunity to research the reprocessing of oxisensors as a pilot project and join 1,000 other facilities nationwide including several of the largest teaching hospitals in the country including, the Cleveland Clinic, Duke University, University of Chicago, Princeton and John Hopkins (2008 data). After years of refining the internal systems and the increasing support of the physicians and clinical staff, VVCH was able to achieve Environmental Excellence level in diverting higher than average medical waste from landfills.  “This is such an honor to receive this award. The hospital and physicians have worked together for a long time to achieve this and we are very proud of our award. Projects like this benefit the community and we hope that other facilities are inspired to participate as well,” said Castillo.

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