Fourth Of July Safety Tips For Your Family Pet

By Staff Reports

(Hesperia)– – The days surrounding our Independence Day holiday can be filled with family gatherings, barbeques and official fireworks displays. While you may enjoy the festivities, it is important to remember that this time of year can be especially scary and potentially dangerous for family pets.

Fireworks, both legal and illegal, may be a source of stress for your family pet, and cause them to panic. As with thunderstorms, dogs may become terrified and try to escape, causing them to act differently than they normally would. In some cases, dogs have been known to jump off balconies, through closed windows and even become aggressive.

“At the City of Hesperia, we hope that after this Fourth of July, we don’t have to tell a single pet owner that their dog was hit by a car after being startled by fireworks,” said Animal Control Supervisor Suzanne Edson. “By taking a few steps ahead of time, we can help prevent our dogs from harming themselves.”

•         If possible, be at home with your skittish pet on the Fourth of July. They’ll be less likely to run away if they are startled by the fireworks than if they were left alone.

•         Keep your dog in a commercial kennel if you can’t be home. Remember that most dogs feel more comfortable when they are nervous if they have a secure “den” or crate to hide in.

•         Talk to your veterinarian about whether anti-anxiety drugs are appropriate for your dog.

•         Have your dog licensed and micro-chipped, and have them wear it at all times. If your pet escapes the license can assist in reuniting you and your pet.

As a reminder, fireworks are illegal in the City of Hesperia. For more information visit the City of Hesperia website at

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