Local Author Unveils Her New Children’s Book About the Mojave Desert this Saturday

By Nikki Garrett Metzger

(Victorville) – Local author Heather Nobles enjoyed her work as a teacher working with elementary school children. When she became a librarian, she learned a lot about what keeps kids’ attention when reading stories to them.  When it came time to write the children’s book she had been thinking about for a while, she drew from both of those experiences. But it was an idea from her 6 year old son that brought it all together.

“We were driving across the desert on our way to Las Vegas when he said, ‘It would be cool to be a tumbleweed because then you could travel anywhere and see you wanted to see.’ And I said, ‘Wow – there’s the concept!’ I thought that would be the perfect vehicle for the story” Nobles said.

This Saturday come and join the exciting adventure of the Tumbleweed Traveler and his three trusty friends, Sonny the Snake, Jorge the Horny Toad, and Ruthie the Roadrunner, as they hold on tight for a rip roarin’ ride through the majestic California desert. Nobles will be reading from the book and signing copies at Barnes & Noble in the Mall of Victor Valley at 1:00pm.

“It is a social studies series for Kindergarten through second graders. This first book is on the Mojave desert, but I am going to write 50 other books for all of the states, and they will explore the geography and history of each state,” Nobles said. “Since teachers don’t really have a lot of time to spend on social studies, I wanted to create this series to incorporate into their language arts time with the kids.”

Nobles said the second book explores Texas. “The first book doesn’t really have an ending. My mom gave me the idea of turning the first book into an entire series by not giving it an ending. So at the end of each book the reader will have no idea what is going to happen next.”

At the end of the book there is a map of North America with each state highlighted and a tumbleweed in the area that the book focuses on.  Nobles said this map will be in each book so that the reader can follow along and know where they are on the map.

Join Nobles this Saturday and bring the kids out to explore the world of the Tumbleweed Traveler at Barnes and Noble in the Mall of Victor Valley starting at 1:00pm

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