Positive: MWA Board Passes Another Balanced Budget

By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)- – A balanced budget is the norm for the Mojave Water Agency and the 2012-13 Fiscal Year Budget is no exception. After more than five months of committee and staff review, this budget demonstrates that the Agency is in a stable and sustainable financial position, created through fiscal conservatism, active grant pursuit and acquisition, and transparent stakeholder input.

As stated in the budget introduction, “The Board and staff… continued to carry out critical plans while maintaining a balanced budget. The actions taken have allowed the Agency to meet its objectives for water supply availability and left the Agency in a strong financial position as we enter the next round of developing new plans to meet future challenges”.

A few highlights of this budget include:

  • The Agency’s Five-Year Cash Flow Risk Model demonstrates a stable and sustainable financial position.
  • Fiscal conservatism allows Mojave Water Agency to carry out a five-year capital improvement plan of over $130 million.
  • The Agency will defray and has defrayed a significant portion of the capital investments using portions of grants exceeding $43 million in grant funds.
  • Recently awarded grants¬†from Proposition 84 will allow the Agency to continue its investments in water conservation as a way to extend the region’s water supply to meet State water resource planning requirements.
  • MWA will work¬†with the State Water Contractors to help fix the problems with the Sacramento Delta and to shore up reliability of water supplies from the State Water Project.

For further information on previous years’ budgets, or to see the Fiscal Year 2012-13 Budget, log onto the website www.mojavewater.org/finance.html

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