San Diego Comic Con 2012 Brings Surprises And More

Pictures By Jason T. Smith.

By Nolan Patrick Smith

Photos by Jason T. Smith

High Desert Daily

(Victor Valley)– The 2012 San Diego Comic Con is now in the record books, but what a ride it was! From surprise appearances, special announcements, beyond crazy costumes and more, the mecca of pop culture had something for everyone.

What was once a quaint gathering for comic fans to come together and honor their beloved industry is now five days of pure, joyful madness. The troves of attendees overflowed from the San Diego Convention Center and into the historic Gaslamp District, with events taking place all across town. Petco Park became the site of a zombie apocalypse due to The Walking Dead: Zombie Escape. The undead were straying from the stadium and into the parking lots, providing an out of this world atmosphere before even entering the actual convention.

Pictures By Jason T. Smith.

Getting tickets to the Comic Con has become an impossible feat over the last few years. Every year, more and more want to come and experience the sights and stars of the show, and this year had even more. On hand were action film legends Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, promoting their summer flick, Expendables 2. Twilight and Hunger Game fans lined up by the thousands for a chance to meet the casts, who made surprise appearances to the masses even during the night hours. The stars from everyone’s favorite television shows were on hand as well, with the casts of Psych, Criminal Minds, The Walking Dead and more were all a part of this massive event. AMC’s Breaking Bad, which just started its fifth and final season this past Sunday, had their cast on hand for the first time, and it looked like both the cast and the fans were very pleased with the outcome.

Of course, being a comic book convention, there has to be a focus on the sequential art medium of comics. The industry’s most prestigious award ceremony, The Will Eisner Industry Awards, is always held on the Friday of Comic Con, and honors the best and brightest in the industry. This year saw household names like Marvel Comics bring home three awards for its Daredevil series, while Archaia Entertainments Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand won the same amount, a book which was reviewed here on High Desert Daily earlier this year. However, it was Dark Horse taking the most for a company, winning five Eisners which included the true story of the Green River Killer, done in the comic medium.

Many of the industry’s heavyweights were present: Stan “The Man” Lee, Jim Lee, Neal Adams, Geoff Johns, Jeph Loeb, and more could all be seen around the convention floor. Image Comic’s The Walking Dead released it’s 100th issue the same week, which had a major impact on the convention as everyone was raving about writer Robert Kirkman’s never ending story of zombie survival horror. New York Times Bestselling Author Neil Gaiman even made a surprise appearance and announcement: Gaiman will be returning to writing comics as he will once again helm the series he made famous, DC Comic’s The Sandman.

Pictures By Jason T. Smith.

When you think of the words “pop culture”, there are a lot of things that come to mind. Comic books, music, movies, video games, cosplay, card games, radio, animation: and they were all found under one roof at the San Diego Comic Con. The dates for next year have already been announced: July 18th-21st, 2013. Tickets, as always, will be next to impossible to obtain, but persistence pays off. Keep checking the official Comic Con International site at for information on when the tickets for next year’s event will go on sale. It is literally one of those things in life that everyone who is into some aspect of pop culture should at least attend once in their lifetime.

Pictures By Jason T. Smith.

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