Caltrans’ New QuickMap – An Online Service For Real-Time Travel And Traffic Information

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)- – Anyone who travels “down the hill” knows the drive can be busy, backed up, difficult, or smooth sailing. Case in point: Tuesday morning a crash involving a big rig that went over the side and down the hill on the 15 southbound past Oak Hills snared traffic for most of the day. Late in the afternoon the left lanes were blocked while crews brought in equipment to bring the truck and trailer back up onto the roadway to haul away.  Traffic was backed up for approximately 11 miles, with a 2 hour delay according to CalTrans.  The roadway finally opened around 8:30pm.

Travelers now have a new tool in their arsenal to help them get around traffic delays and road closures. Caltrans today announced it has launched Caltrans QuickMap, an online service that provides motorists with real-time traffic and travel information that will allow them to make better decisions about how to reach their destination more rapidly.

To access Caltrans QuickMap, visit the Caltrans site at

“A wide range of useful information is now easily accessible to help
motorists avoid congestion and reduce their travel times,” said Caltrans
Director Malcolm Dougherty. “This exciting innovation delivers real-time
data so travelers can adjust their routes to get where they’re going as
quickly as possible.”

Visitors to the online interactive travel map can access nearly 1,000 freeway cameras and more than 700 electronic message signs on highways statewide. They can also monitor traffic congestion, California Highway Patrol incidents, travel time information, lane closures due to highway roadwork, and Amber Alerts. Other helpful features of the service include chain control information and color-coded traffic speed displays for freeways statewide.

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