College Financial Aid: What To Do If You Receive A Letter Of Denial?

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley) – It is back to school time, and for those headed to college you may be attempting to traverse the mine field that is student financial aid.  It can be difficult.  One of the first steps is to complete the Federal Application for Financial Aid, or FAFSA. Question is: what do you do if your FASFA is returned stating you are not eligible for any Cal Grants?

Cal Grants are student financial aid and funded by the State of California. They are available to California graduating high school seniors, recent graduates, and people who meet other qualifications.

If you receive a letter stating you were disqualified for the Cal Grant A or B Entitlement awards, you may be able to submit an appeal depending on the reason. In the appeal, you must state why you feel you are eligible and submit all supporting documentation. If you believe you were denied due to an error, be sure to submit any documentation supporting the correction of that error. If you don’t have any documentation to support your corrections, you may still submit an appeal. However, the California Student Aid Commission may not be able to overturn the denial. You will need to work with your college or high school because you’ll also need certification from your school verifying your request to correct any errors.

If you’re applying for a Cal Grant A Competitive award or Cal Grant B Competitive award (you’re not a current high school senior or a recent graduate) and you received a disqualification letter, you’ll need to reapply next year unless you’re planning to attend a California Community College this fall. If you’ll be attending a community college this fall, correct your Student Aid Report before the Cal Grant September 2 deadline. If you receive your denial after the September 2 deadline, you’ll need to apply again next year.

If you don’t qualify for a Cal Grant this year, you’re encouraged to apply again next year.

In the meantime, visit your local library or search online for other financial aid resources or scholarships that are available. You can also make an appointment with your college’s financial aid office to learn what campus based aid may be available. You may also wish to explore low interest federal student loans by visiting Or visit the California Student Aid Commission website

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