IE 511 Upgrades Phone Service

By Staff Reports

(victor valley)–re-routing yourself around congestion. By using IE511 before you travel, you can find out what your commute holds; including traffic conditions, travel times, freeway incidents, and bus, rail, and rideshare alternatives.

IE511 is available on your phone, your mobile device, or on the web, and has just upgraded its telephone service to make it easier for callers to get the commuting information they want more easily and quickly. There are three major improvements. First, a new human male voice replaces the original female mechanical voice, making it easier for users to understand the responses to their questions.

Second, the menu tree has been simplified; giving callers a more direct path to the information they want. Third, the new system reflects more accurate travel times. This last improvement takes advantage of enhancements to the travel detection system and how it provides data to the statewide Freeway Performance Measurement System managed by Caltrans. “The upgrades to IE 511 make it even easier for drivers to access accurate, real-time traffic information in San Bernardino and Riverside counties so they can spend less time stuck on freeways and more time with their families,” SANBAG President Janice Rutherford said.

“The efforts to improve the system demonstrate SANBAG’s dedication to

maintain quality and provide exceptional customer services to IE 511 users.” Before commuters head out, they can continue to “Know before You Go” by accessing IE511 via the web at, or by dialing the newly upgraded 511 system from anywhere within the Inland Empire, or by calling

1-877-MYIE511 from anywhere.

Earlier this year, the IE511 system, a project of the Riverside County Transportation Commission and San Bernardino Associated Governments, introduced iPhone and Android Apps, a popular addition to the service with almost 8,000 downloads to date. Originally launched in April 2010, the IE511 website and phone service has assisted more than

1.5 million customers.

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