Countywide Water Inventory Announced At 2012 San Bernardino County Conference Is Coming

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)–The 6th Annual San Bernardino County Water Conference was held on August 10 and MWA has been participating in this event since year one. While the sponsorship and networking opportunities are important, the primary goal of the conference is to collaborate, cooperate, and prepare to inform the public on what water agencies are doing to ensure a stable and sustainable supply for future generations.

Through several years of cooperation between MWA and other water agencies county-wide, a comprehensive water supply inventory like none previously available was unveiled to the approximately 500 participants at this year’s conference. This information will help agencies throughout San Bernardino County to coordinate on, invest in, and implement long-term water supply solutions that benefit the region as a whole – not just in separate, often disparate parts.

With a large and diverse service area of over 4,900 square miles, the MWA is poised to benefit greatly from the information contained in the inventory. This can be seen through the perspective of the new County-wide Vision which says, “We have the opportunity to improve our region’s self-reliance, meeting the needs of our own population… enhancing water management… and conserving natural resources – all leading to a healthy population with a high quality of life”. The inventory is an example of how working together across political boundaries is a critical step in sound water management.

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