Elections: Victor Valley College Board of Trustees Candidate Joe Brady

By Nikki Garrett Metzger

Managing Editor
(Victorville) – As September winds down, vacation time ends, kids go back to school and things return to normal, we will all start to focus on the upcoming elections this November. Of the 53 seats up for election locally, the Victor Valley College Board of Trustees has two open, with three contenders vying for a spot.

One of those contenders, current board member Joseph W. Brady, spoke with High Desert Daily about the issues he is most concerned about and what he would like to see for the college over the next four years if he is re-elected. “My main concerns are fiscally stability, to ensure that our accreditation goes through, and to ensure that we have an educated work force, because if we have an educated work force we can bring people here and we can put them to work. If we don’t have an educated work force the valley is going to be in big trouble.”

Brady was appointed to the VVC Board of Trustees in February 2011 to fill a seat left vacant by Angela Valles. At that time Brady said he was supported by Joe Range, Dennis Henderson and Lorrie Denson. Both he and Range are up for re-election in November. A new contender, John Pinkerton, is also in the race for a seat on the board.

Brady stated, “I want to have a great working relationship with all of the constituent groups. But I also want to be extremely fair and ensure that our students stop continually having their classes cut. I don’t think its right. And that’s just the business side of me.”

Fiscal responsibility is a huge issue to Brady. He explained that as a businessman, it is important to him. He said that, based on current projections, including this year through fiscal year 2014-2015, the college could have a cumulative deficit of $29,850,000 million dollars. “That doesn’t cut it. And there are those that believe that we should be using some of the restricted reserves to offset that while the accreditation commission made it absolutely clear not to do that,” Brady said.

“I’m looking not only to maintain my position on the board but to ensure to the tax payers, to the students, and to the faculty that we need to run that campus more in a business-like manner, and we need to be truly transparent. We really need to have accountability and we need to take responsibility for our actions. We need to stop talking about it and do it.”

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