Find Your Paradise By Ridesharing This Rideshare Week October 1-5

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)–This year make the choice to transform your commute into a personal paradise. Catch your share of traffic-free action by dropping into the carpool lane to work. Save enough for a real trip to paradise by vanpooling for that extra vacation money. Hang loose while you leave the driving to someone else and hop on the bus or Metrolink. Bring those blue tropical skies home to California by making the clean air choice to walk or bicycle to work.

Rideshare Week in the Inland Empire is October 1-5 and by pledging to rideshare just one day during the week, commuters can enter to win one of a wave of great prizes. An iPad, entertainment, hotel stays, and more than $11,000 in gift cards are among the prizes.

So pledge to rideshare and say aloha to a better commute. Not only will you discover a better commute, you’ll put some cash in your pocket. Carpool from Crestline to Corona and save more than $3,300 just in gas costs annually. Jump on the bus from Perris to downtown Riverside and pocket more than $1300 annually. Bike to work from Redlands to Colton and peddle your way to more than $800 in savings annually. Our estimates of your savings are more than guesses. The savings were calculated based on roundtrip distances in a car that gets 25 mpg and gas prices of $4/gallon.

It’s easy to pledge and enter to win a Rideshare Week prize.  Just call toll free 1-866-RIDESHARE for a pledge card or go online to and fill one out.  Only one entry per person.  Contest ends October 12, 2011.

Need a rideshare partner?  Call 1-866-RIDESHARE to find a carpool or vanpool.  Need help planning a bus or rail commute or finding a Park and Ride lot?  Go online to

Rideshare Week is a service of and is brought to you by San Bernardino Associated Governments and the Riverside County Transportation Commission.

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