Maggie Vee And Soul Pattern Project To Perform At Havana Cigar Club In Apple Valley

By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)- – Just returning from their Rocky Mountain Summer Tour 2012, independently produced and distributed recording artist Maggie Vee and her band Soul Pattern Project will be appearing at the Havana Cigar Club this Friday night in Apple Valley at 8pm.

“We are celebrating the opening of a new website and the launch of world-wide digital distribution,” Vee said. “Over the year since our first CD release ‘Soul Injection’ we have been hard at work making sure that we take every opportunity to share the music and message of love. That commitment has taken us to curious and wondrous places like three Pacific Northwest tours including Seattle and points north, the Rocky Mountain Summer Tour 2012 and a new CD release in early 2013.”

Maggie Vee, an Apple Valley native, said, “We will be performing at the Havana Cigar Club in our home town and are looking forward to it. We invite everybody to come join us and the first 25 people through the door get a free Soul Pattern Project decal.”

You can visit to shop, view the photo gallery and read what the group Soul Pattern Project is about as an independently produced and recorded group; the back-story, the talented musicians and touring duo.

Vee states, “We support our live music tours with sales from the website and we want to thank everybody for their continued support because it helps us keep spreading the message of love one song at a time. This year our major goal is to get the music licensed to independent film, cable networks and other productions to help support our working group of artists.”

The Havana Cigar Club is located at 13692 Apple Valley Rd in Apple Valley. 760 961-6880. There is no charge to get in. Show starts at 8:00pm.

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