Top Android Apps: Back to School Edition

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley) – One of the “must have” back to school items that many older students have is a smart phone.  For those that are using Google’s Android phones, there are several apps that could actually put that phone to good use to help students stay organized and sane during the busy fall session. gives a quick rundown of a few of the top apps:


The StudyDroid app lets you make virtual flashcards on the Web and then sync them to your smartphone — useful not only for students studying for a quiz, but also for folks who need to prep for a big presentation, speech or test.

Once you register on the StudyDroid Web site, you create a new “pack” of cards by typing in a name — say, Presentation 1. Then, card by card, you type text onto the front of the card (which shows up as a box on the left side of the screen) and the back (the box on the right side of the screen). You can also create the cards directly on your phone.

Once your pack is ready to go, you flip the cards over by tapping the screen; to get to the next card, you swipe to the right or left. Once you’ve mastered the information on a card, tapping “known” takes it out of sight.


CampusBooks specializes in helping students find the best prices on textbooks, but regular readers can also use it to seek good deals on popular, mainstream titles.

To start, you enter your zip code so the app knows where you’re located (you can also use its GPS technology if you’re in an unfamiliar place). Then scan the barcode of a book or enter the title manually, and the program will pull up a list of Web sites (i.e. and Barnes & Noble), local bookstores and libraries where the text can be purchased or borrowed.

If you’re looking to sell your books, the app will direct you to an external site where you can compare prices.


Shopkick helps users find the best deals on items ranging from clothes to electronics.

The program, which the company says more than 2 million folks have downloaded, offers “kickbucks” rewards to consumers who walk into sponsored stores like Best Buy, Sports Authority and Macy’s and interact with products.

Unlike other location-based apps like Foursquare that require users to actively “check-in” using their smartphone, Shopkick requires only that the app be open and you be physically within the store to win points (stores are equipped with special sensors that can detect your presence).

The app then lets you redeem kickbucks for Facebook credits (25 kickbucks for one credit), iTunes gift cards (over 3,700 kickbucks) or a Bluetooth headset (10,000 kickbucks).

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