Business Profile: SoCal Solar Energy, Inc.

Location: Inland Empire Location: 6566 Caliente Road, Ste. F, Oak Hills, CA 92344

Orange County Location: 23452 Campestre, Mission Viejo, CA 92621
Phone: 1-877-767-5967
Date Established: 1996 in Orange County, in the High Desert for 4 years now
Number local employees: 7 in the High Desert, 15 total between both locations

Photos Courtesy Of SoCal Solar Energy, Inc

By Nolan Patrick Smith

(Victor Valley)–Solar has been on the minds of the masses for a while now. With rising electricity cost and the construction of solar farms throughout the nation, it is no wonder everyone is talking about it. But many times when people think solar, they think big companies installing it, and they think astronomical prices that place solar out of reach. SoCal Solar Energy is helping to demystify the solar the industry and bring solar energy to everyone.

Lisa Iskandar, Operations Director of the SoCal Solar Energy High Desert location, took a moment to speak not only about the company, but explain why solar is so important, and why it is perfect here in the High Desert. So, what does SoCal Solar do? “We install turn key solar systems all over the High Desert and Orange County: we service all of Southern California. We have done over 30 installs on homes in the last three years here in the High Desert.”

SoCal Solar has been in the High Desert for four years now, bringing with them an impressive setup. With 30 plus years of experience in building and electrical contracting, SoCal Solar is also trained and certified by SolarWorld, BP Solar, Sharp, PV Powered and SMA. Another plus to the organization is that the major components used are created here in the United States. They believe in using the best materials and never taking short cuts. They guarantee that a Certified Master Electrician will be present on all job sites. You see, SoCal Solar Energy, Inc. doesn’t sell solar kits; they do the full installation, from start to finish.

The “solar boom” in popularity is upon us with people realizing the many benefits that solar has to offer. When asked about this gain in popularity, Iskandar replied, “I think it’s fantastic! Energy costs are going to continue to rise and solar is your best investment.”

“Solar as a whole is just wonderful,” she continued. “Not only does it offset the carbon footprint of businesses, but the cost of energy continues to rise and these electricity companies just make so much money, so solar is a fantastic thing. The rebates from the state are still really good and there are federal rebates as well. Plus you can still get a 30% tax credit.”

Now, the dreaded question on many consumers’ mind is the price, as solar to many of us seems out of our reach. Not so, Iskandar stated, “It’s not expensive if you look at it as an investment. Even with the costs the way they are today, you can lease a solar system just like you lease a car. Your lease payment is still lower than your electricity payment, so you’re still saving money.” The monetary amount has also taken on another aspect many are looking at: the 401K.

Iskandar told us about a current trend in solar installations right now, that being using your 401K funds to invest in your house. “We have seen an increase because for a lot of people, their 401k value continues to decrease so they actually pull it out and invest their money into solar for their home. Solar increases your home value by 20% and you can usually see a return on your investment in about 5-7 years. Most of the systems we install get pretty close to zeroing out your bill. Why rent your power when you can own it?”

Another reason to look into solar is, simply put, is because of where we live. The High Desert has always been seen as a prime location for solar installations, but why is that? “The Sun and the sun hours. If you look at a solar map in Southern California, the High Desert, out passed Barstow, is one of the best places to install solar because the sun shines so often and so bright here. When you go towards the coast, they get approximately 5.5 sun hours, where as we get approximately 6.5-7.5. These hours represent when the sun is hitting the panels and they are producing at 100%.”

For more information on SoCal Solar Energy Inc. and their installations, feel free to call them at 1-877-767-5967 or visit them online at

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