Ask a Personal Trainer: The Fat Loss Formula

By Dustin Bogle

(Victor Valley)–The fat loss formula applies to anyone with a weight loss goal. This formula involves three principles that will help you shed off huge amounts of weight or those last stubborn pounds. The three principles include watching your calorie intake, increasing calorie burn and setting up a support system.

Calorie Intake. The first pillar or the fat loss formula is a healthy lifestyle. A diet is not a sustainable way to approach weight loss since diets are meant to begin and end. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is the only way to change for the long term. Implement foods that you enjoy eating that have plenty of nutrients. Don’t force yourself to eat broccoli and chicken because every magazine, diet book and web site tells you that it’s a requirement for a healthy lifestyle. Write down a list of fruits, veggies, lean proteins and whole grains that you like to cook then go shopping for them.

Calorie Burn. You must be exercising four to five times per week, preferably with a trainer that can create a customized program, if you want to speed up the weight loss. Regular exercise will burn off calories, or stored body fat, and give you more energy throughout your day. Also, exercise will determine your body’s composition meaning if you only lose weight through diet, you will probably feel a little flabby even though you are skinny. A combination of weight training and cardiovascular exercise will keep your body toned and tight.

Calories Anonymous. Support from your friends and family is invaluable. Overweight individuals that emotionally eat should look for support from their circle of loved ones to aid them in this battle. It’s much easier to lose weight when your friends make plans to eat out at a restaurant with healthy options and your co-workers offer to pick up a sandwich instead of a burger for your lunch. Tell everyone you know about your plans to lose weight. Talk about it with your spouse and post it on your Facebook, that way you will be more likely to follow through with it.

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