Local Pride: Granite Hill’s Special Needs Students Produce Magazines.

This is one of the covers of one of the magazines being created by Mr. Dunn's class.

By Nolan P. Smith

High Desert Daily

(Apple Valley)–This year at Granite Hills High School in Apple Valley, some students will learn how to create and publish their own magazine. Oh, and all the kids making the magazines are special needs students.

The project is the brainchild of Mr. Bryan C. Dunn, Special Education English Teacher for juniors and seniors at Granite Hills. He tasked each of his four special needs classes to create their own magazine that was relevant to topics teens face on a daily basis.

“Kids don’t always equate what they do in high school to real life: Special Ed kids even more so. This magazine makes what they learn practical and applicable.” Mr. Dunn commented during an interview. “When they come into the classroom, and even with the limited number of computers, they get right to work. They even use computers available in other classrooms to finish their work. ”

Under Mr. Dunn’s guidance, all four classes have produced magazines clocking in around 20 pages each. The magazine was entirely created by the students with Mr. Dunn advising: this includes articles, layouts and some photographs. Some of the students even took part in the editing of the finished product. “It gets them to own their learning. It is their work, it is what they accomplished.”

Disabilities that the students have include auditory processing disabilities, visual processing disabilities, high functioning autism, ADD, and ADHD among others. But it is not the disability that is focused on: “While they have a learning disability or two, they have hundreds of learning abilities.”

Mr. Dunn is currently accepting donations to print copies of each of the magazine. The printing cost is in the ballpark of $400 dollars and would cover magazines for each student. The magazines will be available for the public to purchase through the print on demand website MagCloud in the next few weeks. Any proceeds raised over the printing cost will go to fund next year’s magazine projects.

If you would like to donate towards the printing cost, please contact Mr. Dunn at Granite Hills at (760) 961-2290 or by email at bryan_dunn@avusd.org.

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  1. July 18, 2011 at 4:30 pm

    Way to go Mr. Dunn! Awesome, Awesome teacher! We need 100 like him.

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