Public Charter School System Hopes For Adelanto Board Approval

By Shanita Miles

High Desert Daily

(Adelanto)– Taylion High Desert Academy (THDA) is a free public charter school system that has identified the High Desert as an area to develop their teaching high standards.  They offer a uniquely tailored educational opportunity for each individual student and provide a variety of educational opportunities and choices such as: home school, independent study and virtual online education in Victorville and surrounding cities in the high desert.

THDA has submitted a petition to the board to open a school in the High Desert and on Tuesday, October 2nd at 7:00pm there will be a public hearing, at the regular meeting of the Adelanto School District Board.  Their sister school Taylion Virtual Academy in San Bernardino, has received WASC accreditation and the High Desert campus will be seeking the same as soon as possible.  “I’m very interested in working with the community,” said Tim Smith, Founder of the Taylion Charter School System.

Mr. Smith went on to say: “I definitely want to partner with the city and the district and am looking forward to providing a state of the art school to service the community and the needs of the students.”

THDA offers students a variety of internships through local employers, which allows students, upon completion of high school, to feel prepared to enter the work force and/or pursue higher education.  Students are given a variety of community service opportunities and additional core classes on serious issues such as: gangs, bullying, substance abuse and more.  These great assets extend out to the parents as well.

THDA recognizes the important role that parents play in their child’s education.  They collaborate with parents to help students throughout their education, and gives parents a direct say in their child’s education through regular parent-teacher meetings, a parent advisory council, parenting classes – which help parents learn new strategies on how to best help their child – as well as free classes are available to parents who wish to further their understanding of gangs, bullying, violence, drug and alcohol abuse prevention, as future goal obtainment. In, addition, parents are welcome to take advantage of the mental-health counselors.

The board meeting will be held at 11824 Air Expressway in Adelanto at 7:00pm.  THDA is asking the community to come out and support at the board meeting and “demonstrate to them that [the] community needs this school.”

For more information on Taylion you can visit their website at

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