Rothschild’s Top 5 Happenings In Victorville’s Future

Victorville Council man Mike Rothschild, center, views the scale model of the future Victorville DesertXpress terminal. The project was is to create thousands of jobs.

By Nolan Patrick Smith

High Desert Daily

(Victorville) Everyone wants to come to Victorville: you have probably heard that quite a bit in the last few weeks on this website, and it is absolutely true. Victorville City Council member Mike Rothschild spoke with High Desert Daily this week and gave insight on his top 5 important happenings in the city’s future.

#1- DesertXpress (

Starting construction early next year, the 6.5 billion dollar project known as the DesertXpress will open a whole new world to the High Desert. The high-speed rail train will go fromVictorville to Las Vegas, non-stop, in approximately 80 minutes, as speeds of the train reach up to 150 mph.

“It will create not only 7,000 construction jobs spread over a three year basis every year, it will create thousands of local jobs from the project, not just from the train station. It’s incredible. It’s not only the biggest project for the Victor Valley, it’s probably the biggest project in California, and you will hear about it on a national level once they begin construction.”

#2- Power Plant #2 (

Power Plant #1 in Victorville has been a great revenue generator, and now Victorville is about to generate even more with the city’s second power plant, which is coming soon to the High Desert. Construction on the plant starts soon, with a two-year window to construct the facility.

“It is going to generate a lot of revenue for SCLA , for the Redevelopment Agency and for the Victor Valley. Power Plant #1 has generated in excess of 40 million dollars locally over the last seven years. Power Plant #2 is probably going to generate three times that because it’s a billion dollar plant, it’s a 1.2 billon dollar project.”

#3-Southern California Logistics Airport (SCLA) (

Business is picking up when it comes to the former George Air Force Base. Of course, the biggest news right now for SCLA is the addition of United Furniture Industries, which is located right off of Air Expressway in Victorville.

“People are coming in to California and wondering “do I really want to stay here?”, then they look out here in the High Desert and they see a couple of things that are a little different from down the hill. One of those things is the regulations are far more business friendly, as well as the platform out here for cheap land. It’s a unique spot in California. ”

#4- Intermodal Rail-SCLA (

The fourth pick in the top 5 is one that is related to the third pick, the Southern California Logistics Airport. The Intermodal Rail, which would connect the High Desert’s SCLA to the business of seaports like Long Beach, is a longer term project than the others mentioned, but packs a whole world of possibilities.

“Its spread over probably a ten year period, as opposed to something happening next year. It gives us a connection to the port of Long Beach, which is a big connection. It’s one of the benefits you get in being in a high population area.”

#5- SCLA-Aviation component (

The fifth and final pick of Rothschild’s top 5 important happenings in Victorville is once again related to SCLA, but covers a different aspect. The aviation aspect ofSCLA is one that should not be overlooked. From housing companies like Boeing, Victorville Aerospace and Leading Edge Aviation, as well as with hangers leased by the likes of Fed Ex among the aforementioned, the aviation side looks bright. Not to mention the SCLA School of Aviation technology, which prepares students to enter the aircraft maintenance industry.

“We have four brand new hangers out there, fantastic hangers that are beginning to generate jobs out there. They have careers out there, not just jobs, for the people in the Victor Valley.”

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  1. Mike Rothschld
    October 23, 2012 at 8:20 am

    The future is bright for Victorville. We have made SCLA (former George AFB) the brightest spot for jobs in all of southern California.

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