What It Takes To Be A Health Care Professional

Anna Knorr of Phelan enjoys a career as a medical assistant at Mike’s Walk-In Clinic in Hesperia, having graduated from the Medical Assistant program of Four-D College. Learn more about a career as a medical assistant by attending Four-D College’s Career Night on July 14, at either its Colton or Victorville campus. Photo by Chris Sloan

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Four-D College will hold “Health Care Career and Resource Night” at both its Colton and Victorville campuses Thursday, July 14 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

“Four-D College offers specialized training in six of the current top 10 health care careers,” said Linda Smith, president and CEO. “We offer Inland Empire residents, including those in the High Desert, an opportunity to learn about these career opportunities and how Four-D College can help them have successful careers in the growing health care professions.”

The programs Four-D College offers are Vocational Nurse, Dental Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Massage Therapy, Medical Assistant and Medical Billing & Coding.

The Vocational Nursing program trains students to provide hands-on care to patients in hospitals, doctor’s offices, skilled nursing homes, and other health care settings. Duties include bedside care of patients, dispensing medication, and assisting physicians with treatments. Full-time students complete the program in 12 months, part-time students in 18 months.

The Dental Assistant program teaches the skills needed to work as an entry-level dental assistant in a dental office. Graduates of this eight-month program educate patients about oral hygiene, cavity prevention and nutrition, as well as perform dental procedures such as x-rays and tooth polishing.

The eight-month long Medical Assistant program prepares students to work under the direction of a doctor or registered nurse. Medical assistants perform duties such as administering lab tests and maintaining medical equipment, but also clerical duties such as arranging hospital admissions and maintaining patients’ records.

The eight-month long Pharmacy Technician program prepares students to work with a pharmacist, performing such duties as dosage calculations, drug labeling and assisting pharmacy customers.

The Massage Therapy program prepares students to work in both recreational settings such as spas and gyms, and health care settings such as with doctors, chiropractors or physical therapists. The eight-month program teaches students massage techniques such as Swedish, sports, deep tissue, lymph and prenatal, and also skills for working in health care settings.

The eight-month long Medical Billing/Coding program teaches students how to prepare documents for billing to insurance companies, government agencies and other payment sources.

“We want to make sure the Inland Empire understands the resources available to them,” said Four-D College Admissions Director Angelo Lioudakis. “We can provide that information to anyone who visits our campus, but a Town Hall setting will give them an opportunity to hear other peoples’ questions, and possibly learn more information than they would in a one-on-one meeting.”

The “Health and Career Resource Night” will provide an overview of the top health care careers and why they are in such high demand. Four-D College will provide information about how it prepares graduates for these careers. Most notably, most of Four-D College’s students complete their programs in one year or less.

“At Four-D College, students can finish a program and begin earning money in their new career in as little as eight months,” Lioudakis said. “And they won’t have to worry about not being able to enroll in a course they need.”

“We hope they will choose to attend Four-D College after they are armed with this information,” Lioudakis said. “But the important thing is that they know all their options.”

To attend the Health Care Career and Resource Night in Colton call (909) 783-9331. To attend in Victorville call (760) 962-1325.

Four-D College provides education in the growing health care field at locations in Colton and Victorville. Four-D College offers programs in vocational nursing, medical assistant, medical billing and coding, dental assistant, massage therapy and pharmacy technician.

New courses begin monthly at Four-D College and most courses are offered in the day and evening. Massage Therapy and Dental Assistant programs are offered in the daytime only.

For more information go to www.4DCollege.edu <http://www.4DCollege.edu> .

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