After Approval, Taylion High Desert Charter Academy is Coming to Adelanto

By Nolan Patrick Smith

High Desert Daily

(Adelanto)–This past week, the Adelanto School Board voted to approve a new K-12 charter school in the community, Taylion High Desert Academy. Charter schools are no stranger to the High Desert community, as there are many that populate the various cities here. So what makes Taylion stand out?

“We’re just starting our new charter school, we were just approved by the Adelanto School Board Wednesday night, and we’re very excited to open a new school in the community,” said Tim Smith, Founder of Taylion High Desert Academy, in an interview with High Desert Daily. When asked what sets his school apart from the rest, Smith was direct.

“I think that’s a very valid question, I think that’s the question that a lot of board members and community members had for us and although we feel that the Adelanto community is a very good community with a lot of good schools, we feel like the options that we offer are students being able to learn whenever they need to learn, at their own pace, where ever they would like to learn. If they want to learn at home, they can learn at home, if they want to learn in the Learning Center, they can learn in the Learning Center, if they want to go into a classroom, they can do that. So we have complete flexibility with students learning.”

“We can control the pace of their learning, if they want to accelerate their learning, they can. If they want to go at a slower pace, or if they want to recover credits, they can do that,” Smith added.

Now, how does a school accommodate such a wide range of needs, as Smith addressed? It comes in the form of Taylion’s blended model. “We have a blended model that includes online learning using a state of the art instructional learning system. We also have local, highly qualified teachers, caring teachers that care about the young people and want to help them accomplish their goals. We feel that the blended combination of highly qualified, direct instruction teachers in Adelanto at our center that we are going to be opening, combined with a state of the art online learning system allows students to be very successful.”

Smith mentioned a very interesting component and partnership, one that can be seen as a very valuable resource for the community. “We are also planning to open a counseling department, where we have a partnership with Brandman University where there will be staff members that will be able to provide therapy, assistance or counseling for family members and community members who would need that assistance. We want to help students that maybe weren’t successful in the school system, and that may have had something to do with things happening at their home. We want to be a complete resource to community members.”

The high standards, as well as the ability to reach all students, are something Smith spoke of with conviction. This includes utilizing benchmark assessments which allows for real time identification of where the student is at academically, which allows for an individualized plan to be made to ensure the student’s success. “We have high standards and expectations for our young people, and so our anticipation is to not to take only the best and the brightest, but to take all the students where they are at, help them identify what their educational needs are and accomplish their goals. Whether they want to go on to career or college readiness, or go in to the military, we’re going to be able to help them accomplish their goals and identify an individualized career development plan for them.”

When asked what brought Taylion out to the High Desert, Smith responded, “Well, we saw there is definitely a need in Adelanto, but we also have a team of educators that worked with us previously in San Bernardino. They are from Victorville, they grew up in the community and they are committed to the community. So, although they are a part of our organization, we feel that they are definitely a local team of educators that are committed to the community and have brought to our attention the need the community has.”

For more information on the Taylion High Desert Academy, make sure to visit them online at

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