MWA: ABC’s Of Water Event Coming This Month

Your Local Water Supply

How PPHCSD And Its Partners Keep Your Tap Flowing

Tuesday November 27 530-7:00 PM


Jill Bays, President

Transition Habitat Conservancy

Larry Attebery, Maintenance II

Phelan Piñon Hills CSD

(Victor Valley)–Join us to hear about the unique water supply situation in Phelan and Piñon Hills. Learn more about this important and precious resource on topics from the natural, physical environment to the programs being provided by your local district, PPHCSD.

Refreshments will be served.

If you have questions or to register to attend, please call Gloria Golike at (760) 946-7001, or email at

The deadline to RSVP is November 26, 2012.

Co-hosted by: Phelan Piñon Hills CSD and Mojave Water Agency

Located at: Phelan Community Center

4128 Warbler Rd., Phelan, CA

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