First Person: What Happens After The Elections?

By Michael Stevens

Special to High Desert Daily

(Victor Valley)–I’ve been reading a series of posts the past few days by Dan Tate, Ryan McEachron, Jim Kennedy, James Stasiak, Angela Valles, and had chosen to “sit on the sidelines” and not weigh in since I am no longer registered to vote in California. However, since I do still own a home in Victorville, I still feel somewhat connected and have chosen to weigh in now because of my concern about the mean-spirited, negative tone of the posts. The level of hostility and animosity seems to have reached new depths.

I respect each person’s right and privilege to express their opinion, and whether the comments are true, false, manufactured or distorted, SOMEBODY has to step up to the plate and question-what’s going to happen in Victorville regardless of who’s elected? Who is going to be the one or ones to bring about civility and respectability so that the five Councilmembers will act in the best interests of the City of Victorville?

I’m shocked that with as many candidates running for council in Victorville-the remaining challengers and incumbents have remained silent. Where’s the outrage, why hasn’t someone stepped forward to say that come November 7th the Council is going to HAVE to find a way to work together-not divided-on behalf of the city? Why not say so now, not later?

I moved away from Victorville almost five-months ago, but I am fully aware that monumental challenges await the council, and until and unless the council agrees to put aside their philosophical and political differences to work on behalf of the city-the city will be mired in unprecedented resentment and hostility that will only lead to gridlock.

I lived in the High Desert two months shy of 37-years before I moved away, 25-years in Victorville. I never saw the level of negativity as I’ve seen the past few weeks. I can only hope that somebody, whether concerned citizens, the business community, clergy-somebody, will try to be the peace maker to encourage the council to get past the negativity.

Call me na├»ve, call me gullible. I chose to believe I’m being a realist and a pragmatist. If you’re reading this I would be shocked to discover if you don’t believe that the Council needs to look to the future and find a way to work in harmony. If you agree, then weigh in and become one of those is not ashamed or afraid to say “enough of the negativity.” I’m not saying the Council has to love one another, go camping together or share holidays, I’m just urging the incumbents and the challengers to look beyond election day and begin to focus on bringing the Council and community together.

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  1. Larry Hoover
    November 6, 2012 at 9:30 am

    I find it interesting, to say the least, that you venture to comment on the current political climate in Victorville – now that you have moved away. However, I DO believe the subject is worthy of a prolonged discussion.
    I have expressed my concern, a few times in the past to a few people on occasion, that the entire Victor Valley seems to suffer from various sorts of negative influences that have kept this area from improving as a whole.
    One huge factor, in my opinion, is the decades-long promotion of cultural diversity above everything else. Culture relates to what values most people agree to work together toward. Multi-culturalism has splintered communities into opposing value systems, which do nothing but militate against a true culture of agreed-upon values and ways of behaving that the majority can work together on.
    Instead of harmony, we have opposing “sub-culture” groups acting out their resentments against others. This is not the only factor in our inability to progress in harmony, but it is certainly a major factor, in my opinion.

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