What Do I Stand For? Developing A Winning Philosophy For Unparalleled Sales Success

By Staff Reports

(Victorville)–While many salespeople stumble through their career, day after day achieving only mediocre results for themselves and their customers, a handful of the nation’s top producers are experiencing their most successful season ever!

By adhering to a set of governing principles and adopting an unwavering commitment to their own unique sales process, top earners consistently out-produce their competition by colossal margins, while achieving outstanding results for their clients!

Join us at our December 5th VMI for a thought provoking presentation, given by Mike Nutter of ISU Insurance Services – ARMAC Agency and the Top National Producer for ISU International.  Attendees will learn how to think and act like a leading top producer and identify the distinct characteristics that set the best apart from the rest.

Please make your reservation by emailing Lisa De La Cruz, visiting the chamber store at: vvchamber.com or call the Victorville Chamber at (760) 245-6506. Seating is not guaranteed and reservations are highly recommended.

The cost of the breakfast is $18 with a reservation on or before the deadline of November 28 or $23 without a reservation or after the reservation deadline.

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