A Firsthand Experience Of ecoATM

By Nolan Patrick Smith

High Desert Daily

(Victorville)–You have seen the television ads, maybe even the segments on the local news channels, but how is the new ecoATM really? Now that the High Desert has its very own ecoATM in the Mall of Victor Valley’s food court, High Desert Daily was able to try it first hand to see if it lives up to the hype.

Some of you may be wondering what exactly an ecoATM is, so allow me to explain. The ecoATM is an automated, self-service kiosk that allows someone to sell their old cell phones and mp3 players for cash on the spot. The goal of the ecoATM is to dramatically reduce the amount of eWaste by offering an incentive that entices people to recycle their old, working or non-working, phones and mp3 players. I had seen a few commercials for this, and it looked really user friendly, but I was determined to find out for myself. So, armed with an old, beat up Google MyTouch smartphone, I went to visit this new, clever ATM.

From the moment I arrived, I could see how easy this was to use. Simple instructions on the touch screen led me through the process. Security is a big issue for me, and should be for everyone in the community, and I found out is also a major tent pole for the ecoATM. A valid ID or Driver’s License is required to be scanned in before you can even have the phone evaluated, which is a quick process that helps to insure the safety of those who may have lost a phone or had one stolen. Now, the magic happens in the evaluation process, and it was quite amazing in my opinion.

A compartment opens up for your device to be placed, so I placed my old phone there and let the visual evaluation take place. My phone was automatically identified by the make and model in a matter of seconds. This is when the prices were made available, based off the condition of the phone and if it worked or not. The amounts given were pretty fair for the old phone I had, so the next step in the process was to ensure the phone could power up and work properly. Now, I didn’t bring any power cords, but that wasn’t a problem as the kiosk has power cords for your disposal. The cord I needed was located by the artificial intelligence, and a secure cord, locked in place, became available. Once plugged in and powered up, I was offered the highest amount available for my phone. Success!

Yet, it wasn’t over yet, as my thumbprint was required to complete the transaction. I also gave my email so that a digital receipt could be sent to me for my records. I was immediately paid out, and thanked for my time, which all took under five minutes. The ecoATM was a great experience, and the line forming behind me showed that it is providing a service that many would like to try for themselves. I highly recommend the ecoATM, as it provides a way to get fast cash for old items, as well as does it’s part to reduce the landfill and improve our ecosystem. For more information, visit ecoATM online at http://ecoatm.com.

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